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What Do SmoothieBox Smoothies Taste Like?

Emily Hurd | Mar 5 2019 | Tags: SmoothieBox News

What do your smoothies taste like?

This is one of the most frequent questions we receive.

As the SmoothieBox Blender-in-Chief, I can guarantee you:

  1. Our #1 priority is balanced nutrition and real ingredients. From the start, we chose not to sacrifice nutrition for flavor. If we wanted to start a company where the topmost priority was taste, we would be in the ice cream business. (No hate - we all love ice cream.)
  2. Flavor is the most-discussed topic at our office. When it comes to nutrition, ingredients and portion size - every single gram - matters. But balancing flavor and nutrition is difficult. We’ve dedicated hours - even entire days - on research and development agonizing over whether we should include 10g or 8g of lemon juice in a recipe (I have premature white hairs on my head to prove it). We don’t want to create sugar bomb smoothies for the sake of flavor.
  3. Our smoothies may not taste like a milkshake, but we believe they taste better than any protein powder shake or meal replacement drink. No chemical aftertaste, no artificial sweetener “mouth-feel,” and none of that chalky texture. Real ingredients and no added sugar. It is that simple.
  4. Our smoothies are not too sweet. Our members have noticed this and appreciate it. Having just the right amount of sweetness is the single most flavor-related feedback we receive. Most standard smoothies on the market - standard being 16 ounces - contain 60g of sugar or more. SmoothieBox members who love our smoothie flavors point out how much they enjoy the taste of fresh fruits, vegetables, and ginger, among others, at breakfast.
  5. Ginger fanatics will love our Clementine and Green Super Smoothies. These two smoothie flavors have a strong kick of ginger, which, we tend to love in the morning. It adds some tang and just the right amount of spice to start our day off right. We could’ve made cayenne the key flavor profile; I bet your mouth thanks us for that.
  6. SmoothieBox is customizable to both your taste and nutritional preferences. Add in yogurt or peanut butter for some extra protein. A banana or frozen berries can add just the right amount sweetness without overdoing it. Over time, if you want to increase the nutritional value, you can scale back on the fruit.
  7. We know this doesn’t have to do with flavor, but, if you drink SmoothieBox each day, your body will thank you.We talk to our members a lot. One of the most amazing things we’ve discovered is that those who have SmoothieBox Super Smoothies four or more times a week have reported glowing skin, more energy, better digestion, and even weight loss.

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Emily is the Director of Member Experience at SmoothieBox and loves creating new recipes to share with our smoothie community. She gets help and ideas from her two toddlers, especially if it involves our Green Super Smoothie. In her spare time she can be found outside with family.

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