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1 min read

What we are doing in response to COVID-19

Like so many, we’re closely monitoring the news around COVID-19. Your health, and the health of our team, is of utmost...

1 min read

Fiber Facts

A diet consisting of enough fiber is beneficial to your health in a variety of ways.

Consuming soluble fiber can...

2 min read

3 Superfoods To Add To Your Daily Smoothie



While SmoothieBox make their smoothies full of organic fruits, vegetables, and seeds and make a complete meal,...

1 min read

Clementine Oat Smoothie


The Clementine Oat smoothie is a refreshing citrus treat with added fiber from rolled oats.

Creamy and refreshing,...

1 min read

Peanut Butter And Jelly Berry Smoothie Bowl Recipe

This is one of our smoothie community members favorite recipes. It takes them back to their childhood, their school...

5 min read

Smoothies, DNA, Vitamins and SmoothieBox President Vin McCauley

We sat down with Vin McCauley, President of SmoothieBox and asked him a few questions.

Here's what he had to say.

Q: ...

2 min read

4 Ways To Boost Your Immune System

Noses are running, you hear the guy two cubicles down coughing, and just yesterday in the local town Facebook group...

1 min read

SmoothieBox In The School Lunchroom

Today is National STEM/STEAM Day and we’re excited to officially announce our partnership with Burns Science and...

1 min read

Super Green Smoothie Recipe

Give your immune system a natural boost with this Super Green Smoothie.

Did you know one cup of kale gets you over...

1 min read

Clementine Sunshine Smoothie Recipe

There is nothing better than to start your morning off on the right note.

And to do that you should try a bright,...