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Officially Launching Our Newest Healthy Food Endeavour

Mike Salguero | Oct 9 2018 | Tags: SmoothieBox News

Today, we are launching SmoothieBox, a new company that delivers frozen Super Smoothies directly to your door.  

SmoothieBox Official Launch

One of the reasons that I initially started ButcherBox in 2015 was because of a personal need for my family and me.

At the time, my wife was experiencing some health complications which compelled us to seek out cleaner, healthier food.

The experience of searching for high-quality, healthy meat sparked the idea to find a way to deliver grass-fed, grass-finished beef to those who couldn’t access clean foods.

Although separate from ButcherBox, SmoothieBox is quite similar in its mission as well as being inspired by a personal need.

As both my family and my company have grown, life has become increasingly hectic.

Anyone who works and has kids knows that with the daily balancing act of family, personal, and business responsibilities sacrifices are often made.

For me, the opportunity to eat a healthy breakfast — a vital part of the day once taken for granted — is now nearly impossible.

And so, I began experimenting with smoothies as a way to get the important vitamins, minerals, and protein — in the form of real food — that I needed to start the day.

On the days when I had my morning smoothie, I felt transformed.

My mind was clearer; I had more vivacity, I was in a better mood.

I felt like I had found a solution to my morning routine.

But the challenge now was to make a delicious good-for-you Smoothie that was also affordable and convenient.

Currently, to get ginger, flax seed, cacao, kale, or protein-laden grass-fed collagen for a smoothie requires running from Whole Foods to vitamin stores to the farmers’ market and spending a fortune.

Making a smoothie should be simpler.

This was not my experience alone.

Talking to people about smoothies, I discovered that a lot of people didn’t eat smoothies because they are too much of a hassle.

If people had a product that you could just blend and go, they would eat smoothies every day.

Just as I knew that I could get healthier, thoughtfully-sourced meat to improve their diets and change their lives for the better with ButcherBox, I realized that there was a need to do the same thing for breakfast (or lunch).

If we could all easily have smoothies for breakfast (or lunch) every day, I believe we’d all be healthier.

We’d feel better.

We’d have more energy to power through the trials and tribulations of each day.

We’d have more balance.

And so, SmoothieBox was born.

checkout smoothiebox

Breakfast has remained the same for generations.

We all want to start the day on the right foot.

We know the importance of eating healthy in the morning, but we often don’t have the time to make the best breakfast for ourselves or find it too convenient to eat the prepared, unhealthy options that have been offered to us for too long.

Since we announced SmoothieBox, we’ve received a ton of feedback from people who are also excited about a better breakfast solution.

There is a lot we can’t wait to share about the details of SmoothieBox: Why we are using grass-fed collagen, how launching a second frozen food platform will improve the experience for our loyal ButcherBox members, and much more.

But today, we are just pumped to share why SmoothieBox will make the morning food ritual a happy one.

Check out our official announcement below. So visit SmoothieBox to sign up or learn more.


Mike Salguero - CEO ButcherBox

smoothiebox team

The Founding SmoothieBox team.

SmoothieBox Launches to Re-energize the Healthy Breakfast

Easy-to-make morning smoothie subscription service created by the same team behind ButcherBox.
Cambridge, MA – May 15, 2018.
Today, pre-sales officially begin for SmoothieBox, the second product from the team behind ButcherBox, which leverages the company’s expansive frozen supply chain and fulfillment expertise to simplify the breakfast smoothie.
SmoothieBox delivers frozen Super Smoothies, directly to your door.
The smoothies are pre-portioned, ready-to-blend, and are complete with a full serving of vegetables, 20+ grams of protein, and 10+ grams of healthy fats.
Since ButcherBox launched in 2015, it continues to deliver grass-fed beef, heritage-breed pork, free-range chicken, and wild Alaskan salmon each month to its members.
The team realized that its industry knowledge — helping members access healthy, easy-to-make foods for lunch and dinner — could benefit people seeking a healthy, simple, and real-food breakfast.
And so, SmoothieBox is able to deliver its Super Smoothies for less than $6 per smoothie.
Because they are pre-portioned, the smoothies can be made in less than three minutes each.
“We are building the most wide-ranging, sophisticated frozen fulfillment platform out there,” said SmoothieBox CEO Mike Salguero.
“With SmoothieBox, we want to give people a breakfast option with clean ingredients, protein, healthy fats, and low sugar that can also satiate them and make breakfast preparation quick and easy.”
SmoothieBox uses a similar membership model as ButcherBox, and will launch with three different flavors of Collagen Super Smoothies:
  • Super Smoothie Green featuring spinach, avocado, and pineapple;
  • Super Smoothie Cacao with cacao nibs, cacao powder, banana, zucchini, and kale;
  • Super Smoothie Clementine, featuring mandarin, sweet potato, carrot, and ginger.
For a protein source, all smoothies include grass-fed collagen, a long chain of important amino acids.
As SmoothieBox “Blender-in-Chief” Evadne Cokeh explains, “It’s hard to find clean protein powders, ones not filled with added chemicals or sweeteners.”
“Our grass-fed collagen also doesn’t have any flavor, which makes our Super Smoothies taste like the delicious, real food they are made of,” Cokeh added.
SmoothieBox’s pre-sale begins May 15, 2018, and the company expects to deliver its monthly box of smoothies — 20 frozen 16 oz. smoothies per box — in early August 2018.
Shipping is free to all 48 contiguous states.
Early ButcherBox employees Evadne Cokeh, Eric Ballhaussen, Teagan Lehrmann, and Jenny Valley will have prominent roles in leading the new company.
SmoothieBox CEO Mike Salguero and Mike Filbey, the founders of ButcherBox, also make up the leadership team launching SmoothieBox.

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