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What SmoothieBox Members Are Saying

Danielle Day Feb 5, 2019 9:56:00 AM

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Feedback is the food of champions. SmoothieBox is committed to seek out feedback, good and bad, whenever we can, to ensure that our mission is in alignment with our members needs.

What Some SmoothieBox Members Are Saying..

Here is what some of our fantastic members have said about their experience of using SmoothieBox in their daily lives.


Corie, a wife, mother, and lover of golf and pickleball 

“I initially bought SmoothieBox to get more fruits and vegetables into my diet to help me reach my goal of living a healthy life. 
When I started drinking SmoothieBox, I was surprised to find that I started to lose weight slowly.
I have a Super Smoothie at least 5x a week.
Not only does it keep me full, it also keeps me regular. 
I’ve lost 10 pounds and I owe it all to SmoothieBox.
I feel happy that I’ve found a food routine that is easy for me - I don’t feel like I am on a diet.
I still eat dessert every night.
I am simply eating balanced and I haven’t been in this place of sustainable eating in a really long time.” 

Andrew, Logistics Account Executive, father of 2, bourbon collector, sarcasm enthusiast

“I love knowing I’m starting each day on a healthy note and it sets the tone for the rest of the day.

When I have a SmoothieBox I feel so much better overall than when eating a conventional breakfast.

They are simple, convenient, and take only minutes as I am rushing out the door. 

I’ll never change my breakfast routine again!”


Kendada, Homeschooling mother of 9, world traveler, and coffee aficionado

“Price seemed steep at first.

But after a few months I think I am actually saving money because I’m not throwing away produce that spoils.”


Susan, Entrepreneur of Dynamic Neurofeedback, wife, mother, grandmother, and lover of life

“Sometimes if I don’t have enough time, I will go to work and eat at TacoBell, but with SmoothieBox, it now takes me less time to make my smoothies than it does to stop at TacoBell. 

Now I eat a healthier meal than usual AND save time and money by not eating out.”


Carolyn, a 53 year old 2nd grade teacher who enjoys weekend hikes with her husband

“After having the smoothies for 3 months and 5 days a week, my skin has shown significant improvements. 
My colleagues tell me my skin appears to be glowing!”
Do you have anything to tell us?
Please leave a comment below with your story.
Danielle Day



Danielle is a Member Support Manager at SmoothieBox and loves getting to know our members. A daily smoothie keeps her energized to support our members and care for her 4 children.

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