Best Blenders for Smoothies
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The Best Blenders for Smoothies

Chelsea Calabrese | Jan 7 2021 | Tags: Smoothie Tips & Tricks

Do you enjoy getting a chunk of kale or bits of seeds in your smoothie? Neither do we. The best smoothies start with organic, healthy ingredients like SmoothieBox's mixes, but you also need a good blender. Without a good blender, you're going to be stuck with a sloppy, chunky mess instead of a creamy, delicious smoothie.

How do I know if I need a better blender?

Kale stems and sunflower seeds are two of the hardest-to-blend ingredients, and they're both found in SmoothieBox's Cacao Smoothie Mix. Kale is rich in vitamins like iron for energy, and sunflower seeds provide essential protein that helps you feel fuller longer. When you blend a cacao smoothie mix, do you still see bits of kale in your glass or bowl? If yes, try two things:

  1. Try less liquid
  2. Try blending longer

If you are still seeing bits of kale in your smoothie? You might need a more powerful blender.

The Worst Smoothie Blenders

On-the-go battery-powered blenders seem to be a convenient option, but these blenders don't have enough power to blend whole fruits, vegetables, and seeds. At best, they're only useful for mixing a powder. If you want real fruits, vegetables, and seeds in your smoothie, you need a real blender.

The Best Smoothie Blenders

The best smoothie blenders are powerful enough to make butter out of nuts or disappear kale into an ice cream-style smoothie bowl. When shopping for a blender, look for:

  • 1,000+ Watt Motor
  • Serrated, Steel Blade
  • Quad+ blade (4 or more)
  • Often called "Professional Grade"

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Chelsea is a Social Media Manager at SmoothieBox and loves to help others adopt healthier habits. A daily smoothie has helped Chelsea lower her glucose levels and feel better. Chelsea spends her free time beekeeping and making memories with family.

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