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Smoothies vs Bagels. What Should I Eat for Breakfast?

Audrey Herndon | Sep 17 2020 | Tags: Health & Wellness

Picture this: it’s 8:00am and you are already late for work, you’re starving but you know you don't have enough time to make breakfast. Grab something to go? Pick something up on the way? With SmoothieBox, you get a quick, easy, healthy, and satisfying breakfast to go.15-SmoothieBox-Delicious-Healthy-Breakfast-Smoothies-To-Go

In a pinch, people believe that a quick grab and go meal such as bagels, toast and granola bars. These are easy and substantial breakfast foods, but in reality they don’t provide you nearly the amount of nutrients and energy you need to take on the day. Blending a fruit and vegetable smoothie is a quick and healthy alternative.

Bagel Burnout

Bagels are marketed as a delicious, filling breakfast food, but they are only “filling” for a few hours.  Bagels are loaded with refined carbohydrates, calories and added sugar, but remain low in protein and vitamins which can lead to a crash before you even make it to lunch time. 

Bagels alone contain up to 300 calories, and around 60g carbs before you add butter or cream cheese toppings.

Since bagels lack nutrients and hearty ingredients, it leaves your body unsatisfied and maybe even hungry, causing you to eat more despite all the calories you just consumed.

This doesn’t mean you need to cut out bagels completely. Bagels  are ok to eat in moderation, but your daily breakfast should include the protein, vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats that your body needs. 

Fuel Your Day the Smoothie Way

To keep your breakfast smoothie healthy and filling, there are many factors you have to consider when choosing ingredients.  It is necessary to include protein, healthy fats, and natural sugars in the form of fruit as opposed to refined sugar sweeteners. Including protein and fats keeps your body feeling fueled and satisfied, so you won’t be hungry within the hour or crashing from sugar.

When making your smoothie, it is often essential to measure out your ingredients. Curating your ingredients helps keep the smoothie nutritious, so you do not overcompensate on one ingredient, such as too much kale, making the smoothie unpleasant to taste.

SmoothieBox Helps You Develop Healthier Habits

It's always when we don't have time that we choose what is easy over what is healthy. SmoothieBox removes all of the prep work, mess, planning, and shopping it takes to DIY delicious smoothies. SmoothieBox ingredients are formulated to provide you with all ingredients you need to have a nutritious and delicious meal and strike a balance between flavor and nutrition. 

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SmoothieBox smoothies include healthy fats, protein sources, greens, and fruits that provide the smoothies with a sweet taste that keep you feeling satisfied and ready to take on the day, with no preparation and very little cleanup.SmoothieBox Super Smoothie Reviews

While you shouldn't dwell on what you should be eating and “shouldn't” be eating, it is important to remember that it doesn't take too much time or effort to create a healthy meal. So next time you need breakfast in a pinch, try a smoothie. It could have a good impact on your entire day. 


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Audrey is a summer intern for SmoothieBox working in the marketing and social media department. She is a rising junior at Elon University with a marketing major and strong passion for health, wellness and fitness! In her free time you can find her going for a run or at the beach with friends.

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