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Rootine Vitamins, DNA and the SmoothieBox President

Emily Hurd | Nov 22 2019 | Tags: Health & Wellness, SmoothieBox News

We sat down with Vin McCauley, President of SmoothieBox and asked him a few questions.

Here's what he had to say.

Q:   What is the purpose and mission of SmoothieBox as a brand?

A:   At SmoothieBox, we’re providing whole food smoothies with our proprietary chips that are used to balance both flavor and nutrition.

I’m really proud of the product we provide and the price we are able to provide it at.

It’s not easy to source all organic ingredients, have them frozen at their peak of freshness and nutritional benefit, aggregate them in one location, bag and ship them tall over the United States, and to do that flawlessly, at scale.

Q:   How do you see SmoothieBox’s position in the marketplace?

A:  “Smoothies” (as a whole) is an interesting space.

Not everyone has the same thought when the word “smoothie” comes up.

I thought we all think of smoothies as the way I think of smoothies.

Turns out that isn’t the case.

So in the broad range of smoothies, we actually fit into a very narrow segment.

We are fruits AND vegetables, and seeds.

We are also whole food, organic and no sugar added.

The only sweetness in our smoothies comes from the earth & whatever you might add at home.

Our smoothies are delicious, but are also supremely nutritious and help support a healthy digestive system.

Q:   What goes into the smoothies that makes them different?

A:  Our smoothies mimic the types that people make at home. 

Someone who might go to a farmers market, buy great fresh ingredients, either freeze them or add ice to their smoothies, add liquid and/or maybe some supplements & blend

What they are left with is the waste byproduct of the parts of the fruits/veggies they weren’t able to consume, and maybe some time that could have been used to do other things.    

We take the hassle out of that experience by perfectly portioning our ingredients based on the standards of our executive chef and their test kitchen.

We are whole food goodness.

We are not a celebrity hype machine of “today’s fad diet”.

We’re simply delicious natural food, that’s easy to drop in a blender, add some of your favorite items, blend and enjoy.

Truly a full meal, in a cup.


We do NOT use any ingredients that are high on the allergen lists (zero nuts in our ingredients) so we are able to be served in schools since we meet Federal Regulations for Publicly funded cafeteria programs.

We’re doing an interesting beta experiment at a local school, it’s fun to see the kids AND the staff enjoying the smoothies when we roll in.

Last week we served over 700 smoothies to grades K-8, and we showed the staff appreciation by making sure they all got some as well. 

Whether a child can afford a smoothie or not, they get one.

Kids that can’t afford them, we sponsor through our “Fuel Your Brain” efforts and donated loyalty points from our members.

Q:   How are you helping your members with more healthy habits?

A:  We are in close communication with our members.

We poll them, chat on Facebook, we just added Live Chat to our website, make proactive calls to check-in, etc.

We are a health and wellness community and we connect easily with people that are looking to eat well, eat quick and/or feed their family.

We have mothers that have called in saying how much better they felt giving their children healthy smoothies in the morning, instead of a sugary cereal, bagels, donuts or a toaster pastry.

We’re not for everyone, but it’s fulfilling when we get to hear our members success stories on weight loss, improved digestion (where they may have historically suffered) or their ability to no longer need to drink something like Ensure Nutrition Drinks that are packed with some ingredients that are hard for me to pronounce.

We have reviews from our members that talk about the added enjoyment they are able to get from life by simply having more fiber, improved digestion and more regularity in their life.

Might sound strange but we are totally pumped to hear that people's lives are genuinely improved when they use our product consistently along with eating healthy regularly according to their dietary and nutritional needs.

Q:   What is the most interesting thing you’ve heard your members add to their smoothies?

A:  A lot of our members like to add things like:

  • Almond milk
  • Cold brewed coffee
  • Nut butters
  • Avocado
  • Chia seeds
  • Yogurt
  • Fruit juices

One of our members told us their smoothies are personalized to their specific DNA and have drastically improved how they start their day and how they feel afterwards.

Customer service shared the story with me & I was super intrigued about the phrase “personalized to their specific DNA”.

Turns out they were adding their Rootine Vitamins to their morning smoothies.

I immediately reached out and they sent me one of their DNA’s kits.

As President of a company that is selling produce, but in an innovative way (smoothie delivery service) - I was absolutely blown away and impressed at the level of sophistication and personalization Rootine is able to provide to their customers.

Putting them together makes a lot of sense to me.

Q:   What is it about Rootine that compliments SmoothieBox so well?

A:  Not sure what comes first the chicken or the egg.

What I do know is that SmoothieBox is a really good vehicle for Rootine. 

A little background story.

I have never liked swallowing pills.

Not as a kid, not as an adult.

It hasn’t bothered me much, and made me naturally resilient to any “pill induced” addiction, except it bothered me that I allowed it to prevent me from taking vitamins and supplements daily.

I believe in the nutritional benefits that come with the use of high quality supplements to provide your body the things it may not be getting organically. 

Rootine has perfected their product with microbeads, that not only provide a vehicle that works in our smoothies like chia seeds, but it also provides better nutrient absorption into your body.

At SmoothieBox, we value efficiency AND healthy eating.

Rootine simply 10x’s the ROI when added.

We love them.

Check out rootine vitamins here.

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Emily is the Director of Member Experience at SmoothieBox and loves creating new recipes to share with our smoothie community. She gets help and ideas from her two toddlers, especially if it involves our Green Super Smoothie. In her spare time she can be found outside with family.

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