Smoothie Challenge: Nutrition
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Smoothie Challenge: Nutrition

Audrey Herndon | Jan 26 2021 | Tags: Health & Wellness, Smoothie Challenge

Regardless of age, it is always important to make sure you are getting all of the vitamins and minerals that your body needs. While you can usually achieve this with a healthy diet, including supplements into your everyday routine can give your body the extra boost of vitamins and minerals that it needs. Supplements often come in powders or capsules that have powder inside of them. You can choose to take supplements as pills or add them into daily meals such as a morning beverage or a smoothie to mask the taste.

There are three major aspects that supplements can help you improve:

  1. energy,
  2. immune defense, and
  3. healthy glowing skin.  

1. Energy

Vitamin D is an essential vitamin to boost energy levels. Vitamin D seems to help mitochondria—the part of a cell that generates energy—use oxygen and power various parts of the body, including the muscles. Your body typically receives vitamin D from the sunlight, but this is not always easy to achieve in the winter months. Taking it as a daily supplement makes it easier for your body to get its daily dose.

Another essential vitamin to boost energy levels is B12. This vitamin helps convert the food you eat into glucose, which ultimately provides your body with energy. This vitamin is not ordinarily prevalent in plant foods, so if you don't often consume animal products, then you should consider adding this as a supplement. If you're looking to get a natural boost of energy throughout your day, consider a SmoothieBox green smoothie with superfood ingredients that fuel your body with natural energy

2. Immune Defense

During the winter season, we all need to make sure our immune systems are in tip-top shape. Make sure your body is getting an adequate amount of vitamin C, vitamin A, and Vitamin B6 so that it can fight off infections that come your way.

These vitamins improve immunity by helping white blood cells function more effectively, strengthening your skin's defense system, and helping wounds heal faster. Get started by trying a SmoothieBox immune-boosting smoothie recipe:

Orange Immune Boost Smoothie Recipe

3. Glowing Skin

To improve the appearance of your skin you should focus on including collagen, omega 3’s and calcium into your diet. Omega 3 Fatty Acids are an excellent way to combat wrinkles, both by including in your diet and applying topically, because they are able to help fight inflammation and hydrate the skin. Calcium helps prevent skin cancer by protecting the skin from harmful UV rays. It also aids in regulating dead skin cell lysing and new skin cell regeneration.

SmoothieBox wants you to have healthy and glowing skin. That's why we include collagen peptide supplements that you can scoop into your smoothies for an extra boost. Collagen is known for strengthening your skin as you age, and improves its hydration and elasticity.

During cold and flu season, your body needs all that it can get to fight off whatever might come its way. Give your body a boost with healthy smoothies!

Immune Boost Guide

Get SmoothieBox's Immune Boost Guide featuring immunity-boosting smoothie recipes and facts.


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