Smoothie Challenge: SmoothieBox Energy Smoothies to Go
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Smoothie Challenge: Energy Smoothies

Audrey Herndon | Jan 19 2021 | Tags: Health & Wellness, Smoothie Challenge

The only way you will stay on task with your healthy habits is to keep energized. When you lose your energy, you will lose your motivation and effort, quickly throwing off your progress. It is essential to make sure your body has the fuel it needs to keep up and work hard. 

Energy from Healthy Coffee Consumption

Caffeine is a fantastic energy source and has many health benefits, but only if consumed in a healthy way. Skipping the cream and sugar and drinking in moderation is a great way to get the boost you need without the unhealthy stuff you don't need. If starting your day with a black "cup o joe" isn't your "cup of tea," try these two delicious and super healthy alternatives.

SmoothieBox Chocolate Dirty Chai Smoothie Recipe 2

1. Add Coffee to SmoothieBox's Cacao Smoothie Mix

Consider making a SmoothieBox Cacao Smoothie with coffee instead of water or milk! It's a super healthy caffeinated meal that gives you a boost of energy with added fruits and vegetables.

SmoothieBox Members' Favorite Coffee Smoothies

2. Blend SmoothieBox's Collagen into Your Coffee

  • Pour two cups of cool coffee into your blender
  • Add two scoops (10g) of SmoothieBox collagen (that's 9g of protein and 0g carbs! 💯)
  • Add 1/4 cup of your favorite, unsweetened nut milk
  • Blend for 5 seconds and enjoy!

Energy from Natural Sugars

Consuming natural sugar as an alternative to caffeine also gives your body energy while tasting great. Start by adding 1/4 cup of orange juice or extra fruit in an early-morning or pre-workout smoothie. Sugar found naturally in fruits has a low-glycemic index and is packed with fiber, helping with a steady energy boost instead of a sugar spike you may get from drinking artificial sugary beverages. 

SmoothieBox Members' Favorite Juicy Smoothies


Lasting Energy from Protein

Starting your day with a green smoothie can also give you a kickstart to your day while skipping out on the caffeine entirely. The SmoothieBox Green Super Smoothie is loaded with nuts, seeds, fruits, and leafy greens, which all play significant roles in regulating blood sugar and providing your body with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. 

These smoothies are packed with plant protein, keeping you full longer and energized with vitamins, omega 3’s and antioxidants. To make your smoothie more filling, add extra plant protein such as nuts or seeds. 

SmoothieBox Members' Favorite Nutty Smoothies

Pecan Pie Smoothie Recipe

While a cup of coffee might be a ritual for your daily morning routine, there are a ton more ways to get energized besides a sugary cup of coffee. Fueling your body with fruits, vegetables, and protein every day can get you on track to feeling more energized without sugar and caffeine. Keeping yourself energized will keep you motivated to take on your day!



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Audrey is a summer intern for SmoothieBox working in the marketing and social media department. She is a rising junior at Elon University with a marketing major and strong passion for health, wellness and fitness! In her free time you can find her going for a run or at the beach with friends.

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