Smoothie Challenge: Detox Smoothies
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Smoothie Challenge: Detox Smoothies

Audrey Herndon | Jan 12 2021 | Tags: Health & Wellness, Smoothie Challenge

Ready to feel better? If the answer is yes, you have come to the right place! SmoothieBox's Smoothie Challenge is all about helping you adopt healthy habits and getting more nutrient-dense vegetables in your diet so you feel great!

Healthy Decisions Start With Realistic Goals

Becoming the best and healthiest version of yourself is not as difficult as it may seem. It doesn't mean strict juices or restricted diet plans; it focuses on making smart decisions for your body and mind. Starting slow and getting your body familiarized with your new choices is the best start to developing healthy habits.

How to Naturally Detox

Let's talk about getting started and slowly detoxing your body. Thankfully, your body can eliminate toxins naturally, so there is no need for expensive supplements or strange detox diets. One of the easiest ways to naturally detox your body is by cutting out processed food and sugar and switching to whole, nutrient-dense foods. Long-term high consumption of sugary beverages and processed foods are linked to obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. These diseases make it extremely difficult for your body to naturally detoxify itself because it harms essential detoxifying organs such as your liver and kidneys. 

To focus on naturally detoxifying your body, avoid processed sugar, and start incorporating foods with high levels of antioxidants into your diet. Some of the best whole foods for natural detoxification include:

These foods support your gut health and provide a natural detox effect. They also provide your body with natural energy to keep you feeling healthy and energized throughout your day. A great way to incorporate all of these into a meal is by blending them into a smoothie. 

Super Green Kale Smoothie


One of SmoothieBox members' favorite smoothie recipes for natural detox is the Super Green Smoothie. This recipe includes a wide variety of super detox foods, including kale, strawberries, and orange juice.

SmoothieBox's Green Smoothie Mix alone also provides a wide variety of detoxifying ingredients such as spinach, avocado, flax seeds, and hemp hearts. Try blending the smoothie packet with water and some greek yogurt to give your gut its necessary probiotics. A healthy gut is crucial to improving your natural detoxification system.

Switching out one of your daily meals for a detoxifying super smoothie is your first step in becoming the better and healthier version of yourself in the new year. This initial step may seem daunting, but your body will thank you, and before you know it, you will be feeling better, thinking more clearly, and will be glad you started this Smoothie Challenge journey.

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Audrey is a summer intern for SmoothieBox working in the marketing and social media department. She is a rising junior at Elon University with a marketing major and strong passion for health, wellness and fitness! In her free time you can find her going for a run or at the beach with friends.

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