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Our Top Tips for a Healthy Pre Workout Routine

Audrey Herndon | Mar 29 2021 | Tags: Pre-Workout Smoothie

An effective pre workout routine begins long before you set foot into the gym. Similar to everything else, failing to prepare well leads to poor execution, and minimal results. This can lead to injury or uninspired training sessions, both of which undermine muscle gains and strength or weight loss. 

To help you design a healthy pre workout routine, we've developed a list of practical tips that are guaranteed to give you a splendid workout experience. 

1.  Eat for Fuel 

The kind of meal or snack you consume before embarking on exercise will determine whether you will meet your workout goals. The timing in which you eat a pre workout snack or meal depends on your digestive tendencies. 

In general, eating something an hour or two before a workout should provide you with a sufficient amount of energy; however, there is no hard-and-fast rule. 

Despite the timing, ensure that protein and carbs are on the menu. An example of a good option is a protein packed peanut butter banana smoothie because it contains protein, fat, and carbs. SmoothieBox's Chocolate Covered Banana Smoothie is a great recipe to use to make sure you are getting all of your proper nutrients you need such as complex carbs and sustainable forms of energy.

Pre workout routines

2.  Drink Plenty of Water 

Hydration requirements depend on such variables as height, weight, gender, age, and the intensity of your workout. We generally recommend that you consume at least 20 ounces of water before a workout. 

Chugging large amounts of water immediately before your exercise does not fall under a healthy pre workout routine though. 

The critical importance of hydration cannot be underestimated. For one, you will be able to perform at a much better rate; plus, you'll be more comfortable, avoiding things such as dizziness and muscle cramps. 

3.  Conduct a Review of your Workout Itinerary 

Whether you're going old school with a paper and pad or using a smartphone application, knowing what's expected regarding rest periods, weights, sets, and reps eliminates guesswork and can enable you to make your workout more efficient. 

Reviewing your workout itinerary is a way of preparing yourself mentally. If the workout you're doing and the weights you're planning on moving are all programmed in, all you need to do is execute. This is also a strategy to keep yourself honest. 

4.  Warm-Up

A well designed warm-up increases muscle temperature, blood flow, and core temp. It also enables your tendons to get warm as well. This will enable the muscles to operate at optimum power and strength. 

By warming up, you are looking for a little bit of perspiration; the goal is not to get completely drenched. As a healthy pre workout routine, you can spend 5-7 minutes working at the low-to-moderate level on a rowing machine, stationary bike, or treadmill.

Doing these 5 steps before starting your workout can completely change how your body feels and could give you the better and longer lasting results that you are looking for!

Pre workout routines

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Audrey is a summer intern for SmoothieBox working in the marketing and social media department. She is a rising junior at Elon University with a marketing major and strong passion for health, wellness and fitness! In her free time you can find her going for a run or at the beach with friends.

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