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Pili Hunters High Fat Cacao Smoothie Recipe

Emily Hurd | Dec 5 2018 | Tags: Recipes, Member Recipes, Recipes: Smoothie Drinks, Cacao

This is a repost of a high fat cacao smoothie recipe our friends at Pili Hunters published on their website.

High Fat Cacao Smoothie Recipe

We are happy to repost this recipe from Marcus Farris here on SmoothieBox, but the opinions expressed are those of Pili Hunters.

This blend fires on all cylinders to deliver a ton of nutrients to start your day or round out a midday workout.

The blend from Cacao SmoothieBox adds fiber from zucchini and kale while the cacao magic blend from The Philosophie brings an array of adaptogens like reishi and maca powder.

I’ve added extra frozen banana to the mix (there’s already some in the SmoothieBox blend) just because I really like the texture of frozen banana.

There is over 25g of protein in this blend along with about 35g – 45g carbs, depending on how much banana you decide on.

Add that to the fat from coconut milk and chia seeds and you’ve got a powerful meal in a glass.

This recipe will easily make enough for two to enjoy.

pili cacao smoothie

High Fat Cacao Smoothie Recipe


  • One packet of Cacao Super Smoothie Blend by SmoothieBox
  • 1 heaped Tbs of Cacao Magic
  • One packet of the collagen that comes with SmoothieBox blends
  • Half a frozen banana
  • Small handful plain Pili Hunters pili nuts (or a spoonful of Keto Classic Expedition Butter)
  • 1/4c full fat coconut milk
  • 1T chia seeds
  • Unsweetened milk of choice; enough to fully cover all ingredients in the blender


  1. Add all ingredients to a blender and blend, starting on low then shifting to high.
  2. You may need to add extra liquid; frozen bananas do a great job of adding body to your smoothie and typically require a bit of extra liquid to blend well.
  3. Enjoy! This recipe serves two.

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Emily is the Director of Member Experience at SmoothieBox and loves creating new recipes to share with our smoothie community. She gets help and ideas from her two toddlers, especially if it involves our Green Super Smoothie. In her spare time she can be found outside with family.

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