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Member Spotlight: Taylor

Danielle Day | Sep 27 2021 | Tags: Member Spotlight

Meet our member, Taylor

Taylor recently graduated from college with a degree in finance, management, and data analytics. She currently works from home and tells us that she came to SmoothieBox out of the need to eat better while at home all day. Taylor uses our smoothies for breakfast, snacks, and post-workout.

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Our member spotlight is our way of showing off our amazing members. Here is how Taylor smoothies…

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What made you choose SmoothieBox?

I was getting tired of looking for smoothie recipes and buying different produce that ended up going to waste. With SmoothieBox I know that with each pouch I’m going to have a smoothie that is filling and nutritious in just a few minutes. I no longer have to worry about what I’m going to buy or if I’m going to run out of something. SmoothieBox just makes my life easier.

What has been the driving force behind your ongoing membership with SmoothieBox?

I love that everything is pre-portioned and ready to throw in the blender. I don’t have to waste time cutting up fruits or vegetables. 

What’s your favorite SmoothieBox flavor?

My favorite flavor is Clementine. I mix it with orange juice or pineapple juice, and I love it! It’s my go-to for breakfast, right when I wake up in the morning because it is so refreshing and gets me energized.

When do you drink your smoothies? 

I have them at all different times of the day! I love having them after I workout and for breakfast, but I also make them for snacks in the afternoon when I’m feeling hungry between lunch and dinner. 

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What sets us apart from other smoothie options?

Everything is organic, and the pouches fit in my freezer easily. I also like that I don’t have to buy anything to add to it. I just throw the contents of the bag into the blender with my liquid. Other options I’ve tried are not as convenient

Thanks, Taylor for sharing your smoothie journey with us!

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Danielle is the Director of Post-Purchase Experience at SmoothieBox and loves getting to know our members. A daily smoothie keeps her energized to support our members and care for her 4 children.

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