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Chocolate-Covered Banana Smoothie Recipe

SmoothieBox's Cacao Super Smoothie already tastes like a chocolate-covered banana smoothie, but with this recipe, we're punching up the flavor for an extra delicious chocolate banana smoothie to fuel your day! It's one of SmoothieBox members' favorite chocolate smoothie recipes!

What's in SmoothieBox's Cacao Super Smoothie?

SmoothieBox's Cacao Super Smoothie is made with whole, organic fruits and vegetables like bananas, zucchini, and kale. It also contains sunflower seeds, one of our favorite Five Super Seeds for Smoothies for an added protein to help Make Your Smoothie More Filling.  The organic cacao nibs and cacao powder are the secret ingredients that make this one of SmoothieBox's most popular flavors. cacao-header

Why should I use a green banana instad of a yellow banana in my smoothie?

If your diet goals include more fiber and less sugar, you want to use green bananas in your smoothies. Holistic health coach, @freshwaterpeaches shared this healthy gut tip with our SmoothieBox family in an Instagram takeover this summer. Bananas with a mostly green peel are higher in resistance starch (aka fiber) and lower in sugar than bananas with a yellow peel. The fiber is great for gut health, helps maintain blood sugar levels, and can help make you feel fuller longer. For diabetics, green bananas can have a Glycemic index as low as 30, while fully ripe bananas can have a Glycemic index around 60.

Why should I use natural peanut butter in my smoothie?

If you are diabetic or trying to lose weight, one of your dietary goals is probably to reduce or eliminate processed sugar from your diet. Many mainstream, non-natural peanut butter brands add sugar to their peanut butter. When selecting a heathy peanut butter, be sure to read the ingredients and nutrition information on the label and choose a brand that doesn't add sugar. Unlike other deliver-to-your-door smoothie brands, SmoothieBox makes Super Smoothies with whole fruits and vegetables and does not add sugar. Learn about SmoothieBox Super Smoothie ingredients » 

Why do you use warm water in this smoothie recipe?

We like to add the hot water over the Cacao Super Smoothie ingredients because it slightly defrosts the frozen bananas to bring out their flavor. The coconut milk helps make the chocolate-covered banana smoothie creamy, but we don't want to add too much because the coconut flavor can overpower the cacao and banana flavors.



  • Pour the SmoothieBox Cacao Super Smoothie into your blender, followed by the hot water, green banana, natural peanut butter, and coconut milk.
  • Blend until smooth.
  • Enjoy!

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Palsdottir, H. (2016, September 25). Green Bananas: Good or Bad?

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