The Best Pie Smoothies
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The Best Pie Smoothies

Danielle Day | Nov 5 2020 | Tags: Recipes, Recipes: Smoothie Drinks, Seasonal: Autumn Recipes

Treat yourself to a glass of pie! Pie? Yes! We can guess what you're probably thinking, but we're not kidding! Pies are filled with the same delicious fruits, nuts, and spices we put in our everyday smoothies.

Skip the sugar and the baking! Blend a delicious and healthy meal that tastes like one of your favorite pies! You're going to fall in love with these pie smoothie recipes.

1. Chocolate Pecan Pie Smoothie

If you're not sure about turning one of your SmoothieBox smoothies into pie, we recommend that you start with this chocolate pecan pie smoothie recipe developed by a fellow SmoothieBox member, Donna Tomain. All you need is a Cacao Super Smoothie pouch, pecans, cinnamon, nutmeg, and your favorite nut milk. Get the recipe »

2. Pumpkin Pie Smoothie

If you like pumpkin, you are going to looooooove this pumpkin pie smoothie recipe. A couple of scoops of pumpkin puree and pie spices are the secret to transforming SmoothieBox's Clementine Super Smoothie into a meal that tastes remarkably just like a pumpkin pie! Get the recipe »

3. Pecan Pie Smoothie

This pie smoothie recipe is packed with pecans and spices! Pecans are so good for you! They are full of antioxidants, plant sterols, fiber, and "good" unsaturated fats, all of which will keep you fuller longer than you might expect. Tip: If you prefer a smooth texture, you will need a good blender to break down all of the nuts. Give it a try »

4. Berry Pie Smoothie

An original favorite, the berry pie smoothie combines oats and yogurt with a Berry Super Smoothie pouch for a delicious meal packed with long-lasting energy. The combination tastes like the mixed berry pies you can find at a farmers' market over the summer. Get the recipe »

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